« In the quest for excellence in our offer of transportation services, we design our development strategy based on solid partnerships and targeted acquisitions. Our buses are equipped with the latest available technology to provide the best possible product for our users. For us, growth goes hand-in-hand with impeccable service, a robust framework and a commitment to the collectivity. Along with sustaining this growth, maintaining our transportation services throughout the province of Quebec is very important to us. Attracting partnerships from everyone, it is our mission to offer all our passengers high-quality service, experienced and trained staff and a fleet of safe and comfortable vehicles which are among the most modern in Quebec. »



Autobus La Québécoise is part of Groupe La Québécoise, which consists of twenty or so active businesses in the field of air and ground passenger transportation. The business operates primarily in Quebec, but its service extends into other parts of Canada and into the United States.


A leader in Quebec’s passenger transportation industry, Groupe La Québécoise Inc. has built itself up around the business Autobus La Québécoise, created in 1965 to respond to the transportation needs of various school boards in the Quebec City region.

Extending throughout several regions and serving multiple types of clients, the Groupe has diversified over the years. Today, it consists of approximately twenty companies offering various types of transportation services, including school bus, municipal, paratransit, shuttle, intercity, charter, helicopter, residual materials pick-up, executive aircraft charter, regional airline service and aeromedical evacuation.

AIR LIAISON, SANI-TERRE ENVIRONNEMENT, HÉLI-EXPRESS, SKYJET AND SKYMEDIC, are some of the recent offshoots to burgeon from this ever-dynamic family business. The Groupe La Québécoise has its headquarters in Quebec City and provides employment to nearly 1,250 families in the province. Autobus La Québécoise has won Quebec’s “Consumer Choice Award” in the Automobile and transportation category for the 8th consecutive year.

Since1965, the company has contributed to enhancing transportation services in Quebec to ensure that their quality and diversity best meet the needs of their vast clientele.


Deeply committed to customer service and passenger safety, we offer training adapted to the areas of responsibility pertaining to our organisation’s various sectors of activity.

As such, in 2010, to prepare our chauffeurs for dealing with emergency situations and precarious and dangerous road conditions, a sum of nearly 1 million dollars was invested to purchase a driving simulator.

To maintain a safe fleet of buses, the Groupe has established inspection and verification procedures which meet the standards and surpass the requirements related to regulations established by various levels of government.

All the vehicles of the Autobus La Québécoise division are subjected, as stipulated by the SAAQ, to rigorous maintenance as set out in the Highway Safety Code. Mandatory maintenance includes all scheduled interventions (inspection, adjustment and part replacement) with the goal of keeping the vehicles functioning properly and in compliance with the “Regulation respecting safety standards for road vehicles”.


Protecting the environment is essential to the quality of life of current and future generations. Autobus La Québécoise Inc. is actively committed to ensuring the socio-economic, environmental and economic aspects of its operations are in line with its goal of sustainable development. Determined to reduce the ecological footprint of its activities, it has established itself as an industry leader for taking an environmentally-conscientious approach to its business practices.

Attracting partnerships from everyone, our environmental policy is designed to shape our business practices in a way that will help allow future generations to enjoy a clean, healthy environment.